In addition to eccentric and cam point levers, this group includes wedge clamps and centering bore clamps.

Clamping levers with eccentrical cam

Clamping levers with eccentric cams can be universally used for torque-free tensioning by a thread. The eccentric levers can quickly increase or reduce tension. The clamping eccentric has a highly-effective tension-to-lever ratio just before the clamping point and is thereby self-locking.


Cam point levers

Cam point levers can be universally used for tensioning. The axial or radial pitch of the spiral remains constant over the entire tensioning path, which generates a self-locking effect at each clamping point.


Wedge clamps

Wedge clamps are generally used for multiple tensioning, and the clamping force of a screw is transmitted via wedges to the workpiece. A draw-down effect can also be achieved with an accessory.


Centring bore clamps

Centring bore clamps hold workpieces at a bore and reproducibly center and clamp the workpiece.

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