Hand levers and tension levers, also called clamping levers, are standard parts for tensioning and clamping components on machines, devices and mechanisms of all kinds. They consist of a handle and a threaded insert, which can be designed with male or female thread. Hand levers replace commonly used clamping screws such as wing screws or star knobs.
There are both fixed and adjustable designs. While the handle and threaded insert form a single unit on fixed tension levers, adjustable hand levers have a threaded insert that is connected to the handle by a releasable serration lock. Adjustable hand levers are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position.

Adjustable hand levers, tension levers

Adjustable hand levers, tension levers are ideal whenever parts have to be clamped in a confined space or in a particular lever position. The threaded inserts are connected to the handle but can be released. Lifting disengages the adjustable hand lever and allows it to be turned in either direction to reach the ideal new location. Engagement is achieved by releasing the handle.


Safety hand levers, tension levers

Safety hand levers and safety tension levers are used where the inadvertent loosening or readjustment must be prevented. When not actuated, the lever is not engaged with the threaded insert. Once the lever hub is pushed down, the lever engages for loosening or tightening.


Ratchet spanners

Ratchet spanners, also known as "Ratchets"in the tools sector, are generally a fixed part used specifically to tighten a machine vice.


Clamping levers, tension levers

Rigid hand levers and clamping levers are short and flat and can be used for simple clamping tasks and switching.


Control levers

Control levers and gear levers are used for switching and moving machine parts.


Split hubs for fastening to shafts

A split hub is a linearly sliding standard part that can be fixed to any position on a shaft by tightening a clamping screw. Thanks to its split design, it can be used with unmachined shafts and avoids unnecessary damage.

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