FUCHS is developing and manufacturing RENISO refrigeration oils for more than 50 years. During this time, the highest standards with regard to product quality and the manufacturing process were established and continually developed.

The almost complete FUCHS RENISO product range includes synthetic lubricants based on POE, PAO, AB and PAG as well as selected mineral oils with outstanding low-temperature properties. Both for conventional HFCs such as R134a, R410A or R407C as well as natural refrigerants such as NH3, CO2 or hydrocarbons there is always a suitable RENISO refrigeration oil in the FUCHS portfolio. In addition, developments of new HFO refrigerants such as R1234ze and R1234yf and their mixtures are currently tested in our development laboratories.

The chemical-thermal stability (in sealed tube tests according to the US standard ASHRAE 97) as well as miscibility and solubility tests of the refrigeration oils under a refrigerant atmosphere are carried out in special laboratory facilities. Latest laboratory technology in combination with individually designed test rigs enables wear protection tests of refrigeration oils under the influence of dissolved refrigerant.
The thermal and chemical resistance of refrigerant-oil mixtures – with and without equipment components such as e.g. seals and bearing metals – is investigated in high pressure autoclaves developed by FUCHS.

These in-house laboratory methods guarantee high levels of expertise: refrigeration oils that are optimally adapted to the refrigerant, compressor and system are developed in dialogue with the customer. The new challenges arising from the new European F-Gas Regulation (EU Regulation 517/2014, phasing out of high-GWP refrigerants) for refrigerating oils also make a reliable and innovative lubricant manufacturer such as FUCHS an increasingly important partner in the refrigeration technology.

In addition to well-founded application-oriented advice, FUCHS also provides its customers on request with extensive technical data on RENISO refrigeration oils, such as their ability to be mixed with refrigerants, their solubility and viscosity characteristics and their chemical-thermal stability. Moreover there are also numerous approvals and reference studies from leading refrigeration compressor and equipment manufacturers available.

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