Hinging, Latching, Locking of Doors and Covers.
In addition to Uhhandles and arch handles, this group includes finger handles, tubular handles and folding han-dles. Ledge handles and gripping trays are also included. The handles can be used universally to pull, lift and carry, and to transfer manual and pivoting force.

Cabinet U-Handles

Cabinet U-handles transfer manual force and are characterized by their compact shape.

Arch Handles

Arch handles transfer manual force and are characterized by their curved and soft design.

Finger Handles

Finger handles transmit manual force. They are characterized by their particularly compact design and are intuitively operated using the index finger.

Folding Handles

Folding handles are used for carrying and lifting, and the arch handle can be tucked away to save space.

Tubular Handles

Tubular handles are used to move machine doors, for example. They are characterized by their solid yet attractive design. The product series also includes round and oval cross-sections, angled and beveled gear lever handles, as well as various ledge handle shapes.

Ledge Handles

Ledge handles are used to pull and move sliding shelves and pullouts. They are intuitively grasped from the side or below by several fingers. When more force is exerted, the thumb is used to provide additional grip.

Gripping Trays

Gripping trays are used to carry and lift, or to move and swing doors and covers. Their recessed installation is convenient and saves space.

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