In addition to revolving and fixed handles, this group also includes retractable handles, knobs, gear lever handles T-handles. These can be universally used to comfortably transmit manual force.

Revolving Handles

Revolving handles transfer manual force and prevent pivoting and rotary movements such as from handwheels and cranks from being transmitted to the handle element, which makes them easier to use.

Fixed Handles

Fixed handles transmit manual force.

Retractable Handles


Knobs transmit manual force to shafts and rods, or are for example used to open sliding shelves and co-vers.

Gear Lever Handles

Gear level handles are used to actuate hydraulic valves or control levers, for example. The shaft length forms a lever, which reduces force and simultaneously enables intricate movement.


T-handles are used to lift and operate. The handles are accessed effectively by the forefinger and middle finger.

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