This group includes swing bolts, clamping bolts, shoulder screws, pivot bolts as well as ball point screws, nuts and washers as well as positioning elements, clamping pads and leveling sets. This group of standard parts also includes shaft collars, nuts and bolts for T-nuts and retaining cables.

Swing bolts, Shoulder screws, Thrust bolts

Applications for the DIN 444 swing bolt Swing bolts, also called lifting eye bolts, have a wide range of applications in machine construction and design. When used with cylinder head shoulder bolts GN 732.1 as bearing bolts, they create quick and inexpensive attachment points.

Thrust pads

Thrust pads transmit clamping force over a large area independent of the rotary movement of the tensioning or clamping bolt or uneven or angled clamping surfaces to protect them from damage.



Nuts, swing nuts and clamp nuts, slotted lock nuts with and without a lock and threaded shaft collars are machine elements that solve problems especially in plant and machine construction, which makes them indispensable. The nuts in Hygienic Design are also EHEDG certified.



Washers, whether high-strength washers for bolts, with flat teeth or an axial bearing, countersunk washers, spacer washers or finish washers are basic elements in modern machine construction.


Positioning elements, Clamping pads

Drill bushings, also called guide bushings, have diverse applications in mechanical engineering and jig construction. The standard parts designed according to DIN feature tight shape and orientation tolerances in connection with high surface quality.


Levelling sets

Levelling sets are used to level bolted joints of machines and equipment. A spherical washer compensates for angled mounting surfaces. A height-adjustable element allows the mounting distance to be adjusted if needed.


Shaft collars

Shaft collars have a variety of uses in machine and device construction: They secure shafts and axles, serve as end stops or as fasteners for additional functional elements.


Nuts / Bolts for T-Slots

A T-slot nut is a very common standard part that slides into corresponding T-slots. The most common uses are machine tables and aluminum sections. On machine tables, T-slot nuts are typically used for fastening and positioning jigs and components along the table’s T-slots. The nuts are frequently designed according to DIN 508. On systems and structures assembled from aluminum sections, T-slot nuts are used to connect the individual sections or for attaching accessories. The most common designs have female thread. The Ganter selection also includes hammerhead or T-slot bolts.


Retaining cables

Retaining cables, ball chains and spiral retaining cables secure operating elements and tools from being lost.

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