Ganter plungers are connecting elements manufactured according to the Ganter Norm (GN) for manually interlocking two or more parts. When engaged, they restrict the movement of the components or fix them completely. Ganter pins can be released again with one hand. They are therefore ideal for frequent use. This makes them perfect for temporarily adjusting, assembling or locking components.

Indexing plungers

Indexing plungers are kinetic, multi-part standard parts for fast, reliable locking of moving parts. No tools are required to operate them. Detent pins, also called indexing plungers, guarantee high holding forces and secure fixation in combination with simple handling. This ensures a simple and at the same time secure process.


Cam action indexing plungers

The spring latch consists of a pin with handle, a helical spring and a specially designed guide. The guide features a curve on the handle side and has a latching notch on its tip. When turned with thumb and index finger, the handle glides up the curve, automatically pulling the locking pin out of the guide. At the tip, the handle latches into the notch, where it is firmly secured in place. The cam action indexing plunger is particularly easy to unlock: Once pulled out of the groove, the handle glides automatically back along the curve, driven by the spring. This returns the part to its locked position.


Spring plungers

A spring plunger or ball plunger is a standard part that is installed permanently as a clamping element. It consists of a hollow screw or pressing sleeve with an integrated spring and a ball or a pin. A matching thread or hole is required for receiving the plunger. Screwed in like a normal screw or pressed in, the plunger remains permanently in its position.


Locking pins with axial lock

Locking pins, ball lock pins and split pin locking pins are standard parts of steel or stainless steel. They are used to connect separate components together. Simple to use, they are also very reliable. This applies in particular to locking pins with lock. These are offered either as locking pins with ball lock or locking pins with axial lock. Typical applications for these connecting elements include stage equipment, fitness equipment or jig construction. Ball locking pins from Ganter can be fitted with a retaining cable or a ball chain. These prevent the parts from being lost and ensure that they stay where they are needed.

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