Three-Screw pump for applications up to 90 bar

Pumped liquid

Oil-in-water emulsions, grinding oils, cutting oils, collant lubricant solutions

Main fields of application

Machine tool industry

Performance data Series EMTEC-A

CapacityQup to900l/min
Inlet pressurepsup to7bar
Discharge pressurepdup to130bar
Differential pressurepdiffup to100/120bar
Viscosityvup to1..2000mm²/s
Fluid temperaturetup to100°C
Speednup to36001/min

+10 bar Inlet pressure for D8.6

Construction features

  • Block design (Motor attached to pump via flange or lantern)
  • Dry installation
  • In-tank installation
  • Vertical installation
  • Horizontal installation
  • Self – priming
  • With shaft sealing

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