In addition to oil level sight glasses and oil level indicators, this group includes threaded plugs and sealing plugs, oil drain valves, breather filters and breather valves.

Oil sight glasses

Sight glasses offer a large window to look into gearboxes and containers to see and read fluid levels or operating situations.


Oil level indicators

Oil level indicators allow you to read the level and temperature of lubricants, coolants or hydraulic fluids on the outside of the container. If needed, the levels can be read electrically and transmitted to controls as a signal.


Threaded plugs, Sealing plugs

Threaded plugs and sealing plugs seal openings in containers, gearboxes and supply tanks which are needed for filling, controlling, viewing or draining.


Oil drain valves

Oil drain valves are used for safely and reliably draining liquid media. By unscrewing the connecting piece, the valve opens, and the medium flows through the hose into a container. The great advantage is that impurities are avoided by the uncontrolled drainage of media.


Breather filters, Breather valves

Breather filters and breather valves are used to equalize volume or pressure between the interior of a housing or container and the surroundings. Optionally, additional filters and membranes prevent certain media or particles from crossing the barrier.

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