This group includes pipe connecting elements, tupe connectros, clamp connectors, profile connectors, clamp mountings as well as tubes and rods. They can create tube/clamp connector assemblies that are friction-locked, can be disconnected as frequently as desired and are accordingly very flexible.

Tube clamp connectors

Tube clamp connectors, also called tube connectors, are made of aluminum or cast stainless steel. In general, tube connectors can be divided into the following subgroups: two-way connector clamps, flanged connector clamps, base plate connector clamps, swivel connector clamps and swivel clamp connector joints. Round and square pipes as well as pipe assemblies such as frames, support arms, housings, etc. can be assembled flexibly, easily and quickly by simply clamping with screws.


Clamp mountings (Aluminium)

Clamp mountings are made of high-strength profiled aluminum. They connect tubes and rods while taking up little space; uniform hole spacing and thread make them very easy and efficient to handle during assembly. The large variety of options makes nearly every position possible.


Clamp mountings (Plastic)

Clamp mountings are made of high-quality plastic. They connect tubes, profiles and rods in a compact way with minimal weight. The variety of options makes nearly every position possible.


Clamp connectors (Plastic)

Clamp connectors are made of high-quality plastic. They are used in conveyor and transport systems and ensure a stable connection of tubes and profiles while contributing minimal weight. The diverse variants make nearly every position possible.


Other connecting elements

This group includes swivel ball joints for precise and stepless adjustment of e. g. scanners or photocells. Also included are fixing angle pieces and installation brackets for aluminum profiles and accessories for tubes and rods of this group. With these, right-angled connection and fastening as well as the mounting of additional components to tubes and profiles are made easy.


Tubes, Rods

Tubes and rods are for use together with tube clamp connectors and clamp mounting brackets. The tubes can also be used as leadthroughs for power and signal lines.

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