In addition to scales, spirit levels and scale rings, this group includes control knobs, indexing mechanisms and analog and digital position indicators.


Rulers are used to determine the position of linear units and guide carriages; the scaler value is read from a point indicated by a reference arrow or a zero mark.


Spirit Levels

Spirit levels can be designed as bull’s-eye spirit levels, screw-on spirit levels, bubble spirit levels and cross spirit levels, and are used to check the horizontal position of measuring instruments and in machine manufacturing.


Scale Rings

Scale rings with scale set is used for the precision setting of all machine components which are adjustable via spindles. Besides the standard scale the scale rings can be supplied with any type of graduation. It is suggested to use the matte chrome plated version so that a nice discrepancy in color is given.


Control Knobs

Control knobs and rotary handles transfer manual location into a feeding and adjusting movement.


Indexing Mechanisms

Indexing mechanisms are used to secure specific angular positions of shafts by a keyed fit or friction lock.


Position indicators analog / digital

Analog/digital position indicators are also familiar position indicators. They converted a rotary movement of a spindle, for example, into a display position. The analog versions show the position with a pointer. The digital versions have a mechanical display counter mechanism and an electrical freely-programmable LCD display.



Accessories for position indicators include clamping plates for spindle locking, special control knobs and adapter bushings to compensate for deviating shaft diameters and adapter plates.

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