In addition to telescopic slides, linear ball bearings and linear guide rail systems, this group includes adjustable slide units, linear actuators and linear actuator connectors. Roller and ball rail assemblies, guide rails and ball transfer units also belong to this group.

Telescopic slides

Telescopic slides enable smooth and even linear movement and are used for simple sliding shelves and industrial machines and production facilities. They are obtainable as partial, full or overextension slides with a wide range of possible fittings and are also particularly economical.


Linear slides

Linear slides enable smooth linear movement and are used in industrial machines and production facilities that place stringent demands on durability and freedom from play. Hardened raceways and roller bearing balls are low wear and therefore ensure a long life.


Linear guide rail systems

Linear guide rail systems enable smooth linear movement and are used in industrial machines and production facilities that place stringent demands on durability, freedom from play and smooth running. Hardened roller guide rails and ball-mounted roller carriages prevent wear and ensure a long service life.


Adjusting screws

Simple standard parts such as setting and adjusting screws are used in connection with bearing blocks for simple adjustment and positioning tasks in the design of machines, systems and mechanisms. For processing and assembly equipment on which attachments and mechanisms are regularly exchanged, the combination of these setting screws and bearing blocks allows for particularly simple adjustments.


Adjustable slide units

Adjustable slide units come in several sizes. As a positioning table or combined by accessories with special clamping to form cross tables and lifting tables, they cover a wide range of applications. Various control elements for driving the adjustable spindles and position indicators can be easily added by their article number.


Linear actuators, Linear actuator connectors

Linear actuators and linear actuator connectors expand tube/clamp connector assemblies with single tube linear axes with linear actuator connectors and guide carriages that have been made from a tube/clamp connector element. The position, tilt, or format can be easily adjusted by a spindle driven by a handwheel.


Roller rail assemblies, Ball rail assemblies

Roller rail assemblies and ball rail assemblies are used in applications like flow racks, packaging tables and linked process lines within industrial production facilities. The ball tracks allow the conveyed materials to move in every direction, and the rollers enable a linear movement.


Ball transfer units, Guide rollers

Ball transfer units are used in machine and plant construction and transportation. A large load ball is mounted in a housing on many small support balls. The shape of the housing allows the load ball to roll in any direction. Guide rollers are useful for moving or guiding machines and device parts.

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